Recently there has been a lot of focus on what happens to your single use cups when you throw them away. David Attenborough’s Blue Planet program brought the plastic problem into the limelight, and with a seemingly imminent 25p “latte levy” on disposable coffee cups to help reduce waste, the time to make a change is upon us!

Each year, 100 billion single use coffee cups end up as landfill or even worse discarded into our natural habitats and it simply has to stop.  Making the correct choice to go green with your take-out coffee is a no brainer. Here at 2B, we try wherever possible to use non-plastic products. They cost a little more, and can be harder to source, but its something we believe in passionately.

Here’s out top 3 ways to make your coffee to go, greener:


Reusable Bamboo Cups: Ecoffee Cup is a new generation of takeaway cup. Environmentally responsible. Reusable. Made with the world’s fastest growing, most sustainable crop – bamboo. BPA and phthalate free. Naturally sterile, with no plastic after taste. Fully dishwasher safe, including sleeve and non-drip lid made from high-grade, food-grade silicone. These cost £10 in store, and your first drink in it is on us. As a further incentive, we’ll give you 10% off every drink you put in it thereafter.

Filter coffee pots:Our filter pots are a vacuum insulated pot and will keep your coffee toasty for hours. They’re a great option to take to back to work, as they hold a massive 2 litres of filter coffee. At just £10 per pot, this is our cheapest way to get specialty coffee to take away. Just pick from a choice of beans, take the pot away, bring it back when you’re done. Simples. Use your favourite mug back at the office.

100% Biodegradable Cup & lids:Does exactly what it says on the tin. These are our standard takeaway cups, they have been since we opened. Lined with plant-based PLA, not plastic, our hot cups are a great Eco option for take away coffees or hot drinks. The lids are a plant based CPLA too, so they’re also compostable.

We’re always striving to make what we do greener, so if you have any suggestions on how we can improve, just let us know! Sometimes the demand for compostable packaging outruns supply, and its not possible to source products. We’re currently having to use plastic cold drink cups, as there doesn’t seem to be any compostable ones in stock anywhere. For this we apologise, but we do think it’s a good think if all the biodegradable options available are in use, even if its not by us. We’ll have them back in stock as soon as they’re available to us. That’s a promise.