At Two Brothers, we believe it’s important to know where our products come from, and that sustainability is key. When we first set out, we tried milk from far and wide. We visited London, where we tried milk that had been specially crafted for baristas, and we spoke to dairies in Wales and Shropshire who both had fantastic tasting milks, full of loveliness. We really were spoiled for choice.

Something wasn’t quite right though. We’re northern lads. We needed northern milk. Back to the drawing board.

Now as I’m sure you know, we get our coffee from Atkinsons, in Lancaster (we can’t shout enough about it), so decided to seek advice from them. Without hesitation, they told us to speak to Stephensons. After a quick phone call to Morecambe, we knew we were onto a winner. A northern company, just over an hour away, delivering free range milk, and who pay farmers more per litre for the milk, to build a sustainable future.

We signed up straight away, and we’ve never looked back. Stephensons not only understand the ethics behind looking after the cows used to make the milk, and the farmers looking after them, but they also look after us. Which allows us to look after you. Chris and Steph in Morecambe, and the Milkman delivering to our doorstep with a smile, help you get the perfect latte, flat white and cappuccino in Altrincham.

Our coffee engineers love using it, because it allows them to make the great latte art that they love showing off. Our customers love it because it tastes unreal with our coffee.

Next time you order a flat white at one of the big chains, think about what you’re drinking; does it make you smile? If it doesn’t, come and see us. We guarantee to give you a big cheesy grin, with a milk mustache to match.


Check them out at www.stephensonsdairy.co.uk