This Tuesday (21/08) we will have been open for a full year. Time flies, doesn’t it? We’ve made a lot of friends over the last year like Close, Bert&Bert, Shop4Supplements, The Contemporary, Diadem, Gran Ts, Tavern on the green, Rustic, The Cellar Bar, Little Torch Ceramics, NorthRoad), and unfortunately, we’ve lost some good friends too like Eat Kaizen and Sugar Junction. We miss you dearly. We’ve also gained the most fantastic customer base we could have wished for. You know who you are.

So why did we pick Altrincham? Well back in May of 2017, we had to cancel a meeting in the North east because the roads were closed due to snow. In May. Snow. Determined not to let this scupper our progress in delivering coffee greatness, Dave (Brother no.2) sent over a property to look at in a Manchester suburb. We managed to speak to Dan the agent and arranging a viewing for the same day.

Arriving at Stamford New road in Altrincham was a bit chaotic. The road was closed. Two roads closed in one day couldn’t be a good sign could it? After getting parked up, we headed over to 53 SNR to have a look around. It was love at first sight. The quirky shape of the property with all its nook, cranny’s and alcoves made it the perfect set up for what we wanted. Places to hide away with a good book, big spaces to get together with your extended family, places to knuckle down and close a deal, and private spots to charm your new love interest. We pretty much signed up on the spot.

After a few more visits to Alty, we knew we’d made the right choice with where our home was going to be. The independent scene was is massive. A slice of Shoreditch had made its way to the Northern Powerhouse of Manchester. With a little help along the way from Julie Chambers Design, Surreal Creative and Atkinsons Coffee Roasters, before we knew it, the shopfitters were done, and we were ready to open the doors.

Fast forward to present day, and we’re still here. Still loving Altrincham, and the passion and pride that goes into the independent scene that’s here. That doesn’t mean that we haven’t had a few rocky patches, or that we haven’t had to learn some hard lessons along the way. Altrincham can be a funny place at times – weather is massive influencer on this town, and the people you think could be your competition can turn out to be your friends and support network. We wouldn’t change a thing about the last year though.

We really do love it here though. You guys are awesome. You’ve picked us up with open arms and embraced our weird and wonderful ways of brewing your coffee. Our V60s and Siphons, and Cold Brew and Nitro. Or you could just like us for the bacon rolls, and who could blame you.

So, what’s in store for Two Brothers now? Well, were going to carry on making pretty good coffee, that’s a given. We’re also going to keep on working with other local businesses and running special events and pop ups. Keep your eyes peeled for some more permeant residencies at 53 SNR too…


We are Two Brothers, the coffee engineers, we make the best coffee in town, and Altrincham is our home.