We’ve always been bosom buddies from day one as there’s only 18 months between us. Leaving school, the old man talked Steve into a career in engineering and Dave followed suit. Our chosen discipline is power systems engineering and we’ve been building big fancy box things to improve energy efficiency for, ahem, a long time. We still run our successful engineering company and can often be found roaming the substations of remote wind farms with a flask of coffee in hand. (We’re no geeks, you are)

We just love coffee and the coffee shop culture: you know, somewhere to meet and
hang out with your bezzie, chat, have fun, close a business deal, study, chill out,
whatever. We’ve talked about opening our own coffee shop for way too long now
but at the end of 2016, an opportunity arose when our good friend and coffee geek,
Sean, with years of coffee shop management experience and a degree in hospitality,
became ‘available’. And here we are in 2017, our first speciality coffee shop in the
eclectic buzzy town of Altrincham. (By the way, if you’re reading this and haven’t
visited Altrincham before, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!)

So to re-cap on the brand: we are bruvs – Two Brothers – and we are professional
engineers that love coffee – The Coffee Engineers – clever, eh? (No? You’re a tough

Our staff are all highly trained coffee ninjas with one objective: to engineer the best,
consistently great tasting speciality coffee within a welcoming, fun atmosphere. And
we do so with an eco-friendly approach. From the revolutionary Sanremo Opera
coffee machine that we use with its extraordinary efficiency features down to our
recyclable packaging, we mean to deliver the very best coffee in the very best
surroundings whilst respecting the environment.

Of course we also offer fantastic teas and chocolates, cakes and bakes, all locally
sourced with sustainability in mind. So come on in, say hi and take the weight off
your feet for a little while or simply grab your favourite coffee to go.
Two Brothers, Steve and Dave. (Adopted brother, Sean)