We do it because we love coffee and the coffee shop culture: you know, a place to meet and hang out with your bezzie, chat, have fun, chill out, study, close a business deal, whatever – all over a cup of the best drink ever and maybe a piece of cake.

We’re brothers, best mates and professional engineers. We’ve been fortunate enough to travel the world with our engineering business and we’ve visited lots of awesome coffee shops along the way (we’ve visited some bad ones too). Simply, we’ve dreamed about opening our own coffee shop for way too long and at the end of 2016, over a couple of beers, we decided to stop talking and start doing – you’re a long time dead, right?

So here we are – our first venture into hospitality and the speciality coffee industry. Two Brothers – The Coffee Engineers – opened its doors in Altrincham on 21st August 2017. We hope it’s whatever you want it to be!