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Fazenda Zaroca
Fazenda Zaroca
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Fazenda Zaroca

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The Zaroca Farm has been in the Gilberto Basilio's family for over 100 years since his grandfather Mario Brito had owned the farm.

It wasn't until After the death of Dona Maria that Gilberto became full involved again as previously he had been working as an engineer for most of his life. The Farm in 2015 when he returned as in a state of decline and with his brother Berto they began to turn the farm around. They started to replant areas of the farm with more resistant and productive varietals such as Mundo Novo and Catuai. They also planted 4ha of Paraiso and 8Ha of yellow bourbon. Now the farm has 16 trial varietals as well which they will experiment with and decide which are best to run into production on the farm for yield and cup quality.

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 Whole Bean To grind at home
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Coffee Details
  • Country: Brazil
  • Process: Natural
  • Varietals: Mundo Nova
  • MASL: 1150
  • Cup profile: Orange, Plum, Dark Chocolate
  • Weight: 250g
Farm Story

Read the full farm story here

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