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Huabal Lot #3
Huabal Lot #3
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Huabal Lot #3

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Huabal spans a couple of mountains in Peru, so the climate conditions and soils can vary considerably, with some areas having wet, humid conditions and red, African-like soils and others dry and hot. This all contributes to diverse and delicious cup profiles and some very complex coffees.


What grind style should I order? 

 Whole Bean To grind at home
Course Grind French Press
Medium Grind V60 or Aeropress
Fine Grind Moka Pot
Finest Grind Espresso

Coffee Details
  • Country: Peru
  • Process: Washed
  • Varietals: Mixed
  • MASL: 1700-1900
  • Cup profile: Pear Drops, Lime, Vanilla
  • Weight: 250g
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