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Gino Marin Geisha - Farm Level Story

Gino Marin Geisha - Farm Level Story

Gino Marin Ciriaco is a forty-two year old coffee producer from the town of Villa Rica located in the Oxapampa municipaklity in Pasco, central Perú.


Gino owns a farm of 13 hectares called O'sopen, which means "Hill of Clouds", this particular hill where the farm is located is well known and derive its name for the specific micro-climate that differs from the area around because of the cold high cloudiness that comes at night and last during the early hours in the morning.


Gino has always been involved in coffee growing from a young age, his father befor him was a coffee grower, and inspired to make a better way of leaving for his family through coffee he decided to study agricultural engineering and since returning and start managing the farm Gino has been gradually introducing new varieties with focus on replacing old Catimor with yellow caturra and Geisha.


The Geisha variety is the coffee that compose this lot and part of this production has been selected to enter the Cup of Excellence in 2020 where Gino placed 7th overall.

Gino process all of his production as washed due to the micro-climate conditions in which he operates, that would render the production of naturals very difficult to control and therefore very risky.


All of the production has been carried through with the intend to be fully integrated with the surrounding native forest therefore all the plants are grown under the shade of the exotic trees that are part of the local canopy.


Gino decided to enter this year CoE competition inspired by his family and neighbours from the Yanesha village to be able to shed some light on the high quality coffees that could be produced in this area of central Perú.




 Cup Score  89.5
Cup Profile 

Bergamot, Red Grape, Floral

Altitude 1750
Process Washed
Varietal  Geisha


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