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Resonate - Farm Level Story

Resonate - Farm Level Story


Resonate is from the Volcano program in Colombia. This program is incredibly special for a few reasons. Nariño has the highest altitude at which coffee is grown in Colombia which also means temperatures are quite low. This climate is perfect for the coffee cherry as the bean matures slowly it can have a higher concentration of sugar. Another relevant factor that makes the coffee from this region so unique is the rich soil.

Unlike many regions in Colombia, Nariño’s soil is extraordinarily rich in volcanic ash mainly due to the high volcanic activity in the area. Typically, volcanic ash in the soil is rich in nutrients and contributes to a much healthier plant and higher complexity in the cup.

The average size of a farm in this zone is approximately less than 1 hectare to 1.5 hectares.


This coffee was imported by Cofinet, who with the help of their great friends at Cooperativa de Cafes Especiales de Narino, have designed a social-driven program that focuses on quality and aims to help the smallest and least protected farmers from the region.

Additionally, Nariño has a unique climate pattern. For most of the year, this region is very humid and rainfall can be quite intense. Amazingly, every year precisely during harvest time the sun comes out which creates the best conditions to pick, process, and dry coffee.

The cup profile is characterized by citric, grapefruit, caramel, and dark chocolate notes.


 Cup Score  84.75
Cup Profile  Dark Chocolate, Caramel, Mandarin




Process Natural
Varietal  Castillo, Caturra


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