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Coffee Journey

We know that it's our process that sets us apart and it's the reason why we're award winning. Just as a coffee crop will change each season, so do our coffees. We don't choose them yearly, but quarterly, from the best farms that we're proudly helping get better. The beans then go through a rigorous testing process by our experts to find the perfect recipe. Once we've got that down, we roast our each batch and hand package them, before shipping within a 24 hour period from roasting. It's a quick and intensive process, but it definitely makes the best brew.

Want to know which farms have been selected as the cream of the crop this month?

Specialist Sourcer

Spending their time on the farms and working with the farmers to produce better crops, they pay above market value to encourage the farmers to keep up best practices and hard work, sometime up to 4x the fair trade price. This is because each farm they source from also acts as a social enterprise. Their causes range from schools for the disadvantaged, the building of homes and communities to helping local hospitals. 2B coffee sourcers also help these farms with farming education, ensuring each farm has the most up to date information and is using the most sustainable practices. This is why 2B coffee can not only say they get the best global beans, but are helping global causes along the way.

Coffee Sommelier

Once we get our list of the current world’s best bean, we request a number of sample. Like a great wine, there is a technique to coffee tasting. We ‘slurp’ the coffee for taste notes and decide if it actually going to fit in the range. Our coffee sommelier and expert then make the decision of what coffees to bring to the UK.

Test Roasting

Like any great recipe, a coffee bean has its own characteristics. We roast a number of different coffees in our specialist roaster to test for moisture content, bean density, the screen size to get the best flavour notes and process. This is where our passion for coffee and the art of what we do really comes alive, since each coffee will have a different process to reach its optimum potential.


Now that we’ve found the best bean, we’ve worked out the correct roasting process for the best taste profile, it's now time to roast the beans to take to market. Completed by hand by our coffee sommelier at our Warrington location.


Each bag of coffee is individually weighed and ground, to ensure that each customer gets the best product possible and is sent out for delivery to those subscribe within 24 hours. This ensures you get the freshest and best cup of coffee.

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