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Transient - Santa Hedwirges - Farm Level Story

Transient - Santa Hedwirges - Farm Level Story


Fazenda Santa Hedwirges - SH Coffees has over 90 years of history and tradition in the production of coffee. The estate is a total 2400 ha with just 1100 planted with the varietals Yellow Catuai, Red Catuai, Topázio, Arara, Rubi and Mundo Novo. The farm has a strong ethos for environmental and social production working as harmoniously as possible with the land and providing a beneficial working environment for the farm employees. Sustainable environmental practices are constantly implemented and evaluated, seeking to promote biodiversity in the field. They re planting native trees, implementing sewage treatment and the correct use of pesticides are some of the actions taken to preserve the more than 350 hectares of green areas.


The art of producing quality coffees has been passed down from father to son through the generations. Recently with the Hugo Brito becoming more involved they have looked to push the quality of their production looking at both technology as well as agronomy in their approach.


It has 4 independent production centers on the estate allowing to easily separate out the different micro climates and varietals from these different parcels of land. The commitment to quality ranges from the choice of varieties to a modern and efficient post-harvest. They spent 4 years researching new drying technologies before finally choosing a style of static box that allows them dry the coffee is a controlled and slow manor as well as move it once a day. All the systems are controlled through a computer program giving exact attention to detail. This allows them to manage volumes especially when the weather is not favourable for patio drying.


The coffee is mechanically harvested and then the cherry separated (green, cherry and dry). This lot was then taken to the patio drying for 19 days (sun dried). This is an elongated time in Brazil where usual drying in 7-10 days on a patio. This longer time allows the coffee to continue fermenting whilst on the patio giving the more prominent fruit flavours in the cup. After drying down to 11 %, the coffee is rested for 10 days before hulling and storing the coffee.


 Cup Score  84.25
Cup Profile 

Maple, Caramel, Milk Chocolate

Altitude 960
Process Natural
Varietal  Topazio


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